How can ‘Why?’ be your best friend in communications?

We've all been there, you've been asked to do something at work and no matter how hard you try, you cannot work out the purpose of it. This is a massive issue in marketing and communications because often people within the business may think that their solution is best, before even considering other options. We've... Continue Reading →


Storytelling – how everyone can be a winner in elections

After staying up til 01:00am to watch the results of the EU elections in the UK, I noticed that no matter what party an interviewee was from, they somehow were a winner. This is just a great example of how storytelling and owning your narrative can turn any situation in your favour. Firstly, I am... Continue Reading →

The IC Masterclass you need to attend

Professional development is so important, especially for Internal Communicators. The State of the Sector and State of the Profession reports both allude to the fact that there is a lack of skills within Internal Communications teams and there is a real need for professional development for communicators. Luckily there is an increasing number of experts,... Continue Reading →

Brand management: individual branding

Individual branding is a strategy that allows a organisation to give each product they offer its own brand with no clear link to the other brands within the company. This style of branding aligns very closely to the 'multi branded structure' that I talked about in my 'Brand management: let’s look at brand structuring' article.... Continue Reading →

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