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Why two Students’ Union Officers ended up working in comms

Around 700 people work as an elected officer every year in Universities across the UK. It's an unusual job that accelerates graduates or sabbaticals into a position of leadership, influence, negotiation and communication. Many ex-officers end up working in other institutions, students' unions and political settings, and some also end up working in marketing and... Continue Reading →

What can communications professionals learn from Toy Story?

Firstly, I have to say it; I bloody love Toy Story! From the first one all the way up to Toy Story 4, 24 years later, Toy Story has been a constant throughout all of my life. My fellow Comma Comms founder, Shelby Loasby and I have experienced Toy Story 4 in 4DX at Cineworld... Continue Reading →

Brand management: individual branding

Individual branding is a strategy that allows a organisation to give each product they offer its own brand with no clear link to the other brands within the company. This style of branding aligns very closely to the 'multi branded structure' that I talked about in my 'Brand management: let’s look at brand structuring' article.... Continue Reading →

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