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The power of history and heritage in communications

Ever shared a memory through Facebook's 'On this day?' Do you ever get the old family photos or home videos out to show a friend? How often do you reminisce when you hear a certain song? When we want to connect with people, we share our stories and get to know others. We want to... Continue Reading →

Brand management: let’s look at brand structuring

When you're a growing business, as you develop and expand, it is likely that your brand will grow with you. It is important from day one that you have control over your brand ensuring that as the business expands, the core principles are not lost. Whilst looking at the topic of brand management, it is... Continue Reading →

Chatbots: The Rebirth of Customer Services

They seem to be the buzzword of all marketing and communications teams at the moment. Businesses are looking for ways to improve efficiency as well as offering a better customer service to their often ever expanding customer base and needs. Every business, either public or private, have their own culture, therefore the introduction, or even... Continue Reading →

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