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Storytelling – how everyone can be a winner in elections

After staying up til 01:00am to watch the results of the EU elections in the UK, I noticed that no matter what party an interviewee was from, they somehow were a winner. This is just a great example of how storytelling and owning your narrative can turn any situation in your favour. Firstly, I am... Continue Reading →

Tone of voice – Carlsberg’s honesty with it’s audience – the pursuit for better

Carlsberg have recently identified that they need to improve their product and have very publicly shared with their audience that they are not only improving this but also making changes throughout the organisation including becoming more environmentally friendly. In the words of W1A's Anna Rampton, "this in area we could be better". If you haven't... Continue Reading →

Chatbots: The Rebirth of Customer Services

They seem to be the buzzword of all marketing and communications teams at the moment. Businesses are looking for ways to improve efficiency as well as offering a better customer service to their often ever expanding customer base and needs. Every business, either public or private, have their own culture, therefore the introduction, or even... Continue Reading →

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