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Free resources every Internal Comms newbie needs – #9 The IC Citizen

Everyone can be an IC Citizen.

That is the beauty of the new movement created by Martin Flegg from ggelf IC. Starting only 2 weeks ago, The IC Citizen is on a fast upward trajectory; building a network of internal communicators and making a space for like-minded professionals to share their experiences, expertise and food for thought.

If you’re wondering exactly what the IC Citizen is, you can read all about it on Flegg’s blog, but to sum it up;

IC Citizenship has the potential and power to bind us together as a powerful collective with increased capability to drive the evolution of the internal communications profession forward positively

Even though there are many ways to connect and network with others in our profession, The IC Citizen is on a journey and wants to take you along with it. It is a movement is starting to gain traction and is becoming one of my go to places for key conversations and knowledge exchange. I’ve also been fortunate enough to be recognised by Flegg as an IC citizen for the resources I share on this blog and my contributions to our amazing circle of ICers (Thanks Martin!).

The man behind the idea also has a fantastic blog with tonnes of articles and advice that you need to read. Flegg has an extensive background in Internal Communications, working in communication roles for around 20 years and specialising in Internal Communication, Change Communication and Employee Engagement.

Have a browse around his blog, and even have a look at the services he offers, like; training and development, communications audits, and content development. And to help you get started, here are a list of the top 3 articles I have found really helpful in my role:

#1 Some lessons from Higher Education

For me, this article is spot on. As an IC pro working in Higher Education, this is full of helpful tips and tricks, but also does a fantastic job of reassuring me that I am not alone in the things I experience within my role. My favourite bit of advice;

The key is to start small but think big. Seek out the people who will support your ideas, maybe implement them as a trial and develop proof of concept before seeking permission to go wider.

#2 Ancient origins of the FAQ and storytelling

If you’ve been reading my articles and following me on social media, you will know that I am a huge history lover. This article appeals to the historian within me, looking back at how communication has evolved and how there is a real purpose and art to storytelling and producing the beloved FAQs.

#3 Who killed employee engagement. An internal communications whodunit

This is so relatable. It’s quite an opinionated piece but I just love the brutal honesty about it, and how we all need to collaborate to reach a common goal. This piece talks you through examples where IT, HR and IC teams need to work together to avoid killing employee engagement.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s free resource, and that you make the most out of The IC Citizen movement. You can follow the journey and join the revolution on Twitter. If you have any thoughts or comments, find me on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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